girlwitheggbasketMy first novel, Girl with Egg Basket, tells the story of Nell Hatley, a thirty-something law professor at an Ohio university, who is mostly concerned about getting tenure, until the day a female law student enters a faculty meeting and starts shooting. One professor dies, another is wounded. The police find three names scribbled on a note in the shooter’s pocket—the two victims and Nell’s.

When the official investigation is mysteriously suppressed, Nell pushes ahead to identify the shooter’s motive. Aided by her loyal but intrusive boyfriend, a D.C. lawyer, Nell uncovers the dark secrets of a lawsuit over a Monet painting—and a conspiracy of theft, fraud, and murder dating back to World War II. Amid growing threats, Nell must confront personal demons concerning a childhood friend’s abuse and insecurities about her competence as a law professor.

Girl with Egg Basket is available exclusively from DartFrog books.

A Kirkus Indie Review says:  “Entertaining, humorous, exhilarating, and featuring impressive characters, this legal thriller turns out to be a winner.”  Read the full review here.